Amazing facial retro video with Cecile Carole and Madou Sall

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Description: Veronique Maugarski and Erika Cool are meant to be girls from Sweden who go to Paris and see an advert for air hostesses - no experience necessary. The airline seems to be selling mile-high club experiences. The in-flight movie is a porn film (the same one as the family watch in Shocking!) and the hostesses have sex with the passengers and the female pilots with each other. The passengers include an Arab sheikh, two 'American' men in cowboy hats, an old millionaire and a swinging couple, plus a man who only wants to relax (Jean-Louis Vattier). There are flashbacks to their previous sexual encounters of the passengers and these account for the uncredited females. We see the couple having sex on a bed and the wife looking bored and then having sex in the cellar of a bar where the wife sees a poster advertising these flights. On the plane she sucks off her husband and then goes round the rest of the passengers. The cowboys are fond of practical jokes. They pick up a prostitute (XNK0070) and take her back to their hotel room where they have rigged a bucket of water to fall on her head as she enters the room first. We see the sheikh and two of his harem (XNK0072, XNK0073) in a hotel. The millionaire has a permanent erection but can't cum and we see a couple of females hired by his doctor to try to bring him to a climax. The blonde (Carole Gire?) arrives at a posh doctor's consulting room to take over from an exhausted brunette (XNK0071, whom we don't see in action) and then gets exhausted herself as she fails. The millionaire hopes to achieve an orgasm if the plane goes high enough and when that height is reached the three hostesses leap on him. Success is the trigger for a free for all, including the arab asking to bugger someone - the male in the swinging couple volunteers. Before this a male, supposedly Thierry de Brem, but perhaps an actor brought in specifically, goes into a backward roll on the floor in order to lick his own cock and cum in his own face, to the amusement of the three hostesses.