Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 14

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Description: Why’s that pretty ’60s brunette letting that goofball into her apartment? Oh! He’s the TV repairman, there to repair her box.... Kinda dislike to see that bearded curly-haired hippie have his way with that cute little baby-doll blonde... Hey! There’s the baby-doll blonde again, and, oh no! This time some tattooed hippie is getting some!... And another blonde is joining in... Is that legal? Now here’s another baby-doll blonde, giving a camera-eye b.j. demo...a well-done, sloppy job, young lady! There’s another damn hippie, offering a cute babe a joint, and now she’s sucking on his joint. Why do these jerks get all the girls? Ah! A clean-cut lad meets a nice girl on the street. Objective: photo session. She may be an amateur, but she’s a fine little model when he tries out his zoom lens.